Monthly Archives: October 2014

ACT-IAC ELC 2014 – Have we really been working on these same problems for 400 years?

This week I attended the 2014 Executive Leadership Conference hosted by ACT-IAC in Williamsburg, VA. While it was a familiar venue for the annual conference, and in some ways the topics of discussion were familiar as well – maybe too familiar, more on that later – the format was quite […]

HHS OPA and Patagonia Health: Health IT Interoperability Thought Leadership 1

AEGIS is thrilled to be recently selected by HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) to leverage our Developers Integration Lab (DIL) and our passion for health IT interoperability to advance the OPA Family Planning Profile (FPP) at the 2015 IHE Connectathon and 2015 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. For this engagement, the AEGIS team […]

Feedback: The Grit That Polishes the Stones

Take a moment to Google “Steve Jobs rock tumbler” and one of the first results returned will be a YouTube clip from “The Lost Interview” of Steve Jobs by Robert Cringely. That’s always been in my mind my metaphor for a team working really hard on something they’re passionate about. […]

Skype: Poster Child for Continuous Interoperability Testing

Incomplete Regression Testing = Production Defects Skype pushed out a new release last week to Mac users. (According to their blog, they also apparently pushed out a “preview release” to Windows users, but I don’t know if they are affected by the bug I found.) Like any software team, the Skype team […]