AEGIS Partners with Pronoia Health in the Launch of the Open Library of Health Information Exchange (OLHIE)

Pronoia Health and AEGIS have partnered on the launch of the Open Library of Health Information Exchange (OLHIE). OLHIE is an online ecosystem designed to accelerate connections to Health Information Exchanges (HIE) by facilitating the reuse of interfaces and other assets, particularly those developed with federal or state funding. The idea behind OLHIE is simple: establishing HIEs is hard! So why not take advantage of the good work that’s already been done in government and industry by going to the library and pulling out the resources that will help accelerate your HIE effort while making sure it takes advantage of the best practices developed to date?

Created by Pronoia Health and hosted at the AEGIS Data Center, OLHIE allows “Authors” of HIE-related assets to share their work and provide “Consumers” with real-world resources to inform their work. OLHIE assets include interface code and related documents (requirements, templates, data sets, technical and user documentation, training materials, etc.), RFPs and contract language, policies, and source code created for connecting EHRs, laboratories, pharmacies, public health and other health entities with various types of health information infrastructure.

OHLIE Goals include:
• Promote reuse, cooperation, and learning in order to reduce the cost of building and operating HIE.
• Create a web application that allows readers to search, categorize, “like”, review, and create their own bookshelves that can be shared with other readers and inform authors.
• Streamlined workflow for authors to publish, version, make private, and remove assets.

You can read our full press release here.

About Barry Dickman

Mr. Dickman is an accomplished Executive Consultant with 25+ years as an accomplished industry thought leader with experience in Health Information Technology, Program & Project Management Support, Standards & Interoperability, Enterprise Architecture, Business Development, Strategic/Business Planning, Client Relationship Building, Acquisition Management, Software Development and Requirements Management. He is a hands-on cross-functional leader who energizes and managed the successful delivery of consulting services and information technology solutions to the Federal and commercial markets. Mr. Dickman is responsible for tactical implementation and quality assurance of solutions and services. He supports various activities and communities of interest with senior-level consulting services with the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Health Agency (DHA), Veterans Affairs (VA) and Health & Human Services (HHS) on health information technology initiatives, including the electronic health record and health information exchange. He helps to ensure that projects & staff adhere to a process improvement approaches embodying the AEGIS CMMI-appraised process methodology ultimately providing clients with the essential elements of effective processes that improve their performance. As an effective communicator and leader, Mr. Dickman consistently demonstrates his ability to institute and carry out initiatives that drive positive change, improve efficiency and increased profitability. He brings extensive experience, functional knowledge and management skills to all consulting assignments. Prior to joining AEGIS, Mr. Dickman held senior level positions helping to create business solutions that help meet the healthcare industry's top challenges. Mr. Dickman has authored numerous papers, articles, newsletters and blogs. He graduated from the University of Maryland holds a Masters in Health Services Administration Masters of Health Services Administration from The George Washington University, School of Business and Public Management. Mr. Dickman currently serves at the President of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) – National Capital Area (NCA) Chapter.

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