Jeff Helman

The AEGIS Interoperability Scorecard: What is your number?

Introducing the AEGIS Interoperability Scorecard As passionate advocates for health IT interoperability, the AEGIS team is not shy about about calling for faster progress (what are we waiting for? and 2014 Health IT Week rant)–nor are we shy about celebrating success (OPA’s thought leadership) when we see it. One difficulty with providing this kind […]

7 Things I Learned at the 2015 IHE NA Connectathon

The 2015 North American IHE Connectathon ran from January 26 through January 30 in a new venue at the Cleveland Convention Center near the Lake Erie waterfront. I mention “near the waterfront” because, unlike the Chicago basement dungeon of years past, we had a floor-to-ceiling wall of windows at this Connectathon. What […]

HHS OPA and Patagonia Health: Health IT Interoperability Thought Leadership 1

AEGIS is thrilled to be recently selected by HHS Office of Population Affairs (OPA) to leverage our Developers Integration Lab (DIL) and our passion for health IT interoperability to advance the OPA Family Planning Profile (FPP) at the 2015 IHE Connectathon and 2015 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. For this engagement, the AEGIS team […]

Skype: Poster Child for Continuous Interoperability Testing

Incomplete Regression Testing = Production Defects Skype pushed out a new release last week to Mac users. (According to their blog, they also apparently pushed out a “preview release” to Windows users, but I don’t know if they are affected by the bug I found.) Like any software team, the Skype team […]

HIE Governance: History Review and Intro to 10-year Interoperability Vision

As the guy ranting at my fellow health IT community members about not making rapid enough progress in bringing interoperability to the point of care, it was tough for me to feel enthusiastic going into today’s ONC webinar entitled “Advancing Interoperability Through Standards – Health Information Exchange Governance.” On balance, however, I […]

National Health IT Week (#NHITweek) Rant: Point-of-care Interoperability – #FAIL!

Becoming Technology Geeks: Check! Let me start out by thanking all the clinicians, public servants, technologists, industry leaders and patient advocates who have fought tirelessly (in some case for decades) to advance health IT as far as it has come. At the macro level, the state of health IT is worlds […]

DIL 3.0 Release Improves Patient Safety by Validating Interoperability

Increasing the Efficiency and Expanding the Scope of Interoperability Testing and Verification for Healthcare Exchange Participants To kick off National Health IT Week,, Inc. announces the production release 3.0 of the Developers Integration Lab (DIL). The DIL empowers all healthcare stakeholders with evidence-based verification that health information exchange participants […]

DIL 3.0 Alpha – A Sneak Peak into Accelerated Interoperability

The AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) team celebrated the Alpha release of DIL 3.0 last week, and we are proud to share some of the highlights here as a preview of the public DIL 3.0 release scheduled for late August: Seamless support of multiple test systems under a single participant account, thanks […]