FHIR Testing White Paper Now Available

AEGIS Touchstone

AEGIS has published our latest white paper,  “Conformance Testing Platform for Successful FHIR Deployment.” The subject is measuring interoperability to ensure high quality healthcare. The paper lays out some of the challenges inherent to standards-based information sharing, particularly in the healthcare space, and how some of those challenges can be resolved through an effective means of testing interoperability and standards conformance.

The FHIR standard is the first Health IT standard that has the potential to improve population health by delivering the right data to the right people at the right time. Every time.

The paper highlights the AEGIS Touchstone platform. Touchstone provides a litmus test on FHIR Interoperability for…
• Buyers of clinical information systems to ensure patient safety
• Certifying organizations to validate specific use cases
• EHR vendors to vet partner systems
• Health Information Exchanges to measure member capabilities
• System Developers to simulate data exchange and correct their code

Touchstone features include:
• Automated, internet-based interoperability testing
• High functioning blend of Test-Driven-Development (TDD) methodologies and Natural
Language Processing (NLP) test scripts.
• Tests interoperability with both FHIR Server and FHIR Client implementations.
• Peer to peer testing of message exchanges as an intermediary.
• Detailed results reporting with drill down feature for rapid development
• Customizable test scripts and test set up screen for program use
• Role based access for systems, test scripts and results.

Get your copy of the white paper here, and please comment your feedback below!

About Mary Callihan

Ms. Callihan is the marketing intern and social media manager at AEGIS.net Inc. She graduated from Virginia Tech's Pamplin College of Business as a member of the class of 2020 and is excited to launch her post-graduate career with the continuation of her internship.

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