Touchstone for FHIR

ts2The Touchstone Project is an AEGIS Developers Integration Lab (DIL) initiative and is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Testing as a Service (TaaS) Open Access Solution providing interoperability and conformance testing capabilities against the HL7® FHIR® DSTU2 specification. Touchstone has been engineered from the ground up to leverage the new FHIR DSTU2 TestScript resource.

Features include:

  • Self-registration of user accounts and organizations
  • Privacy settings of user information, test definitions, test setups and test execution results
  • Detailed test execution results with the ability to drill down to individual test operations and assertions

If you are in Atlanta this week, please stop by and see us, we’d love to show you what Touchstone is all about. For everyone else, there are a couple of screenshots here, but feel free to reach out for a deeper dive.


About Richard Ettema

Mr. Ettema has more than three decades of experience in software architecture, engineering and consulting. His experience is in application architecture, agile methodologies and helping customers develop, implement and maintain best practices in enterprise software development. Mr. Ettema has worked with small to large private organizations as well as large government organizations developing health care, health insurance, telecom, order entry, customer call tracking, inventory management and financial management applications. Mr. Ettema is the author of AEGIS' public FHIR test client and server, WildFHIR; Senior Architect and Project Lead for AEGIS' FHIR Testing Platform, Touchstone.

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